The Cocoa Crisis: A Symptom of Global Economic and Environmental Problems

Farmers Future - Cocoa crisis

The development of commodity markets is a clear reflection of global economic and ecological challenges. A particularly striking example is the cocoa market, which has experienced extreme price fluctuations and growing economic uncertainties in recent years. Cocoa prices have risen by 150 percent within a year, putting companies, especially chocolate manufacturers, in a precarious situation […]

Crowdlending: An Introduction to the World of Peer-to-Peer Financing

Farmers Future - Crowdlending Financing

A New Way of Financing: What is Crowdlending? Crowdlending, also known as Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P Lending), is an innovative form of financing where a group of individuals – the „crowd“ – lends money to a business or individual. Unlike traditional bank loans, financing here is provided by numerous investors who contribute their capital. Online lending […]

How the European Green Deal is Shaping Africa’s Future

European Green Deal for Africa - Farmers Future

The European Green Deal (EGD) sets ambitious targets for the European Union (EU) to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This initiative has significant implications for Africa, a continent intricately linked with the EU in various sectors such as agriculture, biodiversity, and energy policy. This article explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the EGD for […]

The paulownia tree: a green giant in the fight against climate change

Farmers Future - Paulownia tree

CO₂ storage and rapid growth characterize the Paulownia tree. Originating in Asia, this tree stands out for its extraordinary growth rate and remarkable ability to absorb carbon dioxide, making it a sought-after player in climate change mitigation efforts. In the current era marked by sustainability and climate protection endeavors, the Paulownia tree, also known as […]

Sowing the future, saving the earth: the Farmers Future revolution

Farmers Future - saving the earth

Farmers Future, a project by Enhanced Finance Solutions CY Ltd., stands out for its commitment to sustainable and innovative transformation of agriculture. When asked about what makes Farmers Future unique, CEO Erik Simon explained, „The uniqueness of this project lies in its holistic approach that focuses not only on maximizing agricultural yields but also on […]

Investing in the future of agriculture: why now is the time

Farmers Future - Investin in agriculture

In a world that is rapidly changing, agriculture stands at a crossroads. Given the growing global population, climate change, and dwindling natural resources, it is more urgent than ever to invest in sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. The future of agriculture depends on our ability to fundamentally change the way we produce food, to not […]

Navigating uncertain waters: the future of global food security

Farmers Future - Future of food secruity

In a world battered by extreme weather events, environmental issues, and geopolitical conflicts, the global agricultural and food economy faces unprecedented challenges. The path to a sustainable future is fraught with obstacles, yet with foresight and determination, they can be overcome. We explore the central role of Farmers Future in this crucial mission.

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