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Forward-looking cooperation in the agricultural sector

Farmers Future

from 2500 €

Attractive agricultural projects

Making farmland sustainable

We conclude the partnership for an indefinite period. After 3 years, the partnership can be terminated annually after harvesting and payment of the sales proceeds.

The Farmers Future project: green oases from deserted areas

The „Farmers Future“ project is dedicated to the task of revitalizing unused farmland through the use of sustainable agricultural practices. Our main goal is to transform these areas into productive, ecologically sustainable agricultural areas that promote both food security and ecological diversity.

Your role as a farm partner

As a partner in the „Farmers Future“ project, you play a crucial role in implementing and promoting sustainable farming methods. Your support enables us to do this together:

Advantages as a farm partner

The partnership with Farmers Future offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the sustainable transformation in agriculture. Together, we can not only overcome the challenges of the present, but also create a future worth living for generations to come. Be part of our mission to change the world through sustainable agriculture.

Your green contribution to the future

Kiri tree


from 2500 €

Active contribution to CO2 reduction

Reforestation of degraded areas

The Kiri tree project: green oases from deserted areas

The Kiri Tree Project is a unique initiative that aims to revitalize deserted and unused land by planting Kiri trees. As a partner in this project, you will help to regenerate the environment, promote biodiversity and create sustainable sources of income for local communities. The Kiri tree, known for its fast growth rate and ability to thrive in poor soil conditions, is an ideal choice for restoring degraded areas.

Your role as a farm partner

As a partner of the Kiribaum project, you have the opportunity to play a direct role in transforming fallow land into flourishing, green landscapes. Your support makes it possible:

Advantages as a farm partner

The Kiri Tree Project offers an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of ecological innovation and make a real difference in the world. Through your partnership, together we can transform wasteland into productive and sustainable agricultural land. Become a partner today and help us realize the vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

Quarterly sales revenue due to rapid growth


Short term

from 2500 €

Low THC: content less than 0.3%

Universal application possibilities

"Green Gold" project:

Our partnership in the cannabis sector

The „Green Gold“ project aims to tap into the growing market for cannabis products while prioritizing sustainable practices. As a partner of this project, you will not only benefit from quarterly sales revenue, but also contribute to a positive impact on the industry by supporting the use of cannabis for the production of ropes, oils and cosmetics.

Your role as a farm partner

As a partner in the „Green Gold“ project, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the booming cannabis market and contribute to the following aspects:

Advantages as a farm partner

Partnering with the Green Gold project opens the door to one of today’s most dynamic and innovative markets. Through your participation, you can not only benefit from financial advantages, but also actively contribute to a more sustainable and positive use of cannabis. Become part of this exciting journey and seize the opportunity to shape the future with „Green Gold“.

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